Sheet resistance

Sheet resistance

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The increase in demand for touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets is evolving the importance of sheet resistance measurement. RS measures the electrical properties of materials e.g. conductivity and its strength. It is possible to measure the sheet resistance of ITO, conductive film, and wafer, which has recently been spotlighted as new material and offers various measurement methods like non-contact measurement according to the material.

  • Measurement range: 10^-4 ~ 10^7Ω(normal), 10^3 ~ 10^14Ω(high)

  • Measurement mode:contact / non-contact

  • Reproducibility: CV < 1.5%

Measurement items

Ω, Ω/□, Ω•cm, S/cm

Measured data

> Non-contact measurement

Non-contact measurement image

> Low resistance measurement

Low resistance measurement image

> High resistance measurement

High resistance measurement image

  • Conductive materials e.g. paint, ink, paste plastic, Si wafer, etc.

  • Conductive films e.g. ITO glass, evaporated metal, sprayed metal, ceramics, etc.

  • High resistance materials for LTPS fabrication e.g. a-Si, poly Si, etc.

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