High speed near field mini goniophotometer

High speed near field mini goniophotometer

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RH50 is high-speed near-field light distribution measurement system evaluating the light distribution of a single light source or optical material.

Linkage with optical simulation software is possible, and light in all directions in 2π space can be easily acquired at high speed.

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  • A space-saving slide type that is easy to use, even on a desktop

  • Can be linked with optical simulation software
    Convert measured data into a format that can be used by various optical simulation software e.g. *LightTools, ZEMAX, ASAP, TracePro, etc. The difference in illuminance distribution for each distance can be ascertained before trial production.
    * LightTools, ZEMAX, ASAP, and TracePro are trademarks of other companies 



  • Ultra high speed measurement
    Details of light distribution characteristics can be obtained in a short time
    <Conventional> 2,400 minutes → <RH50> 17 minutes (approx. 1/140 shortened)


  • Easy alignment - easily adjusts even a few μm deviation on an automatic stage

  • Sample stationary during measurement - A mechanism in which the detector does not need to move the sample during measurement with a two-axis drive
    [POINT]・ No risk of damage ・ Do not break ・ Lighting position does not change

Measurable sample size50mm or less
Measurement area50 x 50mm
Measurement time
*17 min.
Measurement angle
range and interval
X: ±130°, Y: ±90°, interval: min. 0.1°
Detectortwo-dimensional sensor(ultraviolet, visible, near infrared type)
Size620(W) x 720(D) x 866(H)mm

*condition: X: ± 90°, Y: ± 90°, interval: 1°


Measurement items

  • *UV / NIR type: ray data, light distribution
  • Visible type: luminous ray data, light distribution, illuminance, luminous intensity, total luminous flux

    *relative intensity data

Measured data

> Micro LED measurement

All analysis can be done with just one measurement. You can check the bright spot and deduction point at any distance. And you can see whether the intended light is coming out or not.