High sensitivity NIR quantum efficiency measurement

High sensitivity NIR quantum efficiency measurement system

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QE-5000 detects singlet oxygen - ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species)

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  • Enables measurements of 0.01% or smaller quantum yield to generate singlet oxygen

  • Enables direct, easy spectrum observations of singlet oxygen(1,270nm)

  • Enables measurements in aqueous solution for biochemical or biomedical fields

  • Enables measurements in non-deuterated solvents, previously difficult using conventional methods

  • Uses a liquid-nitrogen-free cooling detector

  • Able to measure sooner - only 10 min. takes for preparation

  • Measures samples in liquid, powder, and various other forms


Measured data

1. allows measurement of singlet oxygen spectrum in aqueous solution

2. allows high sensitivity measurement of 0.01% or smaller quantum yields

3. allows easy measurements of singlet oxygen in non-deuterated solvents

  • Measurements of singlet oxygen spectrum using photosensitizer

  • Evaluations of photosensitizers e.g. ability to generate singlet oxygen

  • *Development of PDT reagents

  • Evaluations of solar cell materials

  • Semiconductor purity evaluations

    *PDT stands for photodynamic therapy, a cancer treatment method