High sensitivity NIR quantum efficiency measurement

High sensitivity NIR quantum efficiency measurement system


QE-5000 measures singlet oxygen, a kind of ROS(reactive oxygen species). Singlet oxygen in aqueous, non-deuterated solutions as well as liquids, powders and various types of samples can be detected and measured. It uses a highly sensitive detector to recognize singlet oxygen below 0.01%, which enables accurate and high-speed measurement.

  • Capable of measuring 0.01% or less singlet oxygen's production quantum yield

  • Easy and direct spectrum observation of singlet oxygen(1,270nm) is possible

  • Measurement in aqueous solution for biochemical or biomedical fields available

  • Non-deuterated solvent measurement which was previously difficult with conventional methods is possible

  • Adopting a liquid-nitrogen-free cooling detector

  • Able to start measurement sooner - only 10 min. takes for preparation

  • Able to measure samples in liquid, powder, and various other forms



Wavelength range300 ~ 1,600nm
Wavelength width per element1.4nm(300 ~ 950nm) / 1.9nm(900 ~ 1,600nm)
Number of light receiving element channels512ch
Elementarray sensor
AD resolution16bit
Spectrometer optical arrangementflat field type F=3, f=85.8mm

Integrating sphere

Sizeφ 150mm hemisphere(HalfMoon)

Light source

Type150W Xe lamp
Excitation wavelength range250 ~ 800nm
BandwidthFWHM 5nm / slit 0.6mm
Sample deterioration preventionautomatic shutter secondary light cut filter
(controlled by software)
Excitation wavelength controlautomatic

Laser excitation light source (option)

Wavelength532nm / 808nm / 980nm etc.
Power1 ~ 500mW

Measured data

1. allows measurement of singlet oxygen spectrum in aqueous solution

Example: graph of singlet oxygen spectrum measurement in aqueous solution

2. allows high sensitivity measurement of 0.01% or smaller quantum yields

Example: graph of measuring the quantum yield of less than 0.01%

3. allows easy measurements of singlet oxygen in non-deuterated solvents

Example: graph of singlet oxygen measurement in undeuterated solvent

  • Measurement of singlet oxygen spectrum in dye-sensitized reaction

  • Evaluation of photosensitizer e.g. singlet oxygen production ability

  • *Development of PDT reagent

  • Evaluation of solar cell materials

  • Evaluation of semiconductor purity

    *PDT stands for photodynamic therapy, a cancer treatment method

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