Quantum efficiency measurement system

Quantum efficiency measurement system

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QE-2000 series

QE-2000 series enable accurate and instant quantum efficiency measurement for powder, solution and solid samples.

Influence on UV wavelength region of stray light is minimized.

Integrating hemisphere as detector makes it to achieve high sensitivity and re-excitation elimination function enables to obtain 'True property' of phosphor characteristics.

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  • Instant measurement of absolute quantum efficiency(yield)

  • Re-excitation eliminating function

  • Optically optimized geometry using integrating hemisphere

  • Low stray light array spectrometer for detector


  • User friendly software

  • Easy cell loading and unloading

  • Compact design

  • Excitation wavelength is selectable by user’s choice

  • Automatic measurement after choosing wavelength and intervals


  • Versatile samples; powder, liquid, solid and film

  • Various analysis functions

 Specifications  (*option)
Detecting wavelength360 ~ 830nm360 ~ 1,100nm250 ~ 850nm300 ~ 950nm
Theoretical resolution per pixel1.0nm0.5nm1.6nm0.8nm1.4nm0.7nm1.4nm0.7nm
Number of channel pixel512ch1,024ch512ch
Detectorelectro-cooling CCD image sensor
AD resolution16bits
Spectrometer opticsflat field type(F=3, f=85.8mm)
Power supplyAC100-120V / AC200-230V

Quantum efficiency(yield), excitation wavelength dependency of quantum efficiency(yield),

reflectance spectra, PL excitation spectra, EEM(Excitation Emission Matrix), re-excitation

correction, emission spectra, transmittance, absorption spectra, color calculation(chromaticity,

CCT, Ra, etc.)

Excitation light source

Light source150W xenon lamp
Excitation wavelength250 ~ 800nm
Band widthFWHM 5nm / slit 0.6mm
Protection from excitation lightautomatic shutter

Measurement items

  • Quantum efficiency(yield)

  • Excitation wavelength dependency

  • Emission spectrum

  • PL excitation spectrum

  • EEM(Excitation Emission Matrix)

  • LED and OLED materials

  • Thin film state sample such as remote phosphor

  • Quantum dot, fluorescent probe, biotechnology, clathrate

  • Dye sensitized solar cell

  • Complex chemistry