Multi-sample nanoparticle size measurement

Multi-sample nanoparticle size measurement system

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nanoSAQLA is a new product of particle size measurement, with no worries about contamination adopting non-immersion type. Its new optical system evaluates up to 5 samples at one time with a wide concentration range and still achieves particle size and molecular weight measurement within 1 min. With AS50, max. 50 samples can be measured in a row automatically.



  • Simple and quick one-time setup of up to 5 samples each under different conditions

  • Measures both dilute and highly concentrated samples

  • Measures in 1 min.

  • Includes temperature gradient function

  • Contamination-free continuous measurement

  • Light and compact which is essential for laboratories

AS50(auto sampler)

  • Able to set up to 50 samples in a row

  • Adds samples as measure

  • Set samples in place easily

  • Replaces up to 50 samples at once

  • For organic solvents(glass disposable cell)

  • Sample vol. should be over 0.4 ml



Principleparticle size: dynamic light scattering method
molecular weight: static light scattering method
Light source*high power semiconductor laser
Detectorhigh sensitive APD
Successive measurementup to 5 samples
Measurement range0.1nm ~ 10μm
Corresponding concentration**0.00001 ~ 40%
Temperature***0 ~ 90℃(with gradient function)
Size and weight240(W) x 480(D) x 375(H)mm, approx. 18kg
  • Analysis of average particle size(Cumulant approach)
  • Analysis of particle size distribution(Marquardt algorithm / NNLS
    / Contin algorithm / Unimodal algotithm)
  • Overlay of particle size distribution
  • Inverse correlation function/residual plot
  • Particle size monitor
  • Range of displayed particle size(0.1nm ~ 10μm)
  • Function to calculate mole
Optiontrace quantity cell(sample fluid volume fluorescent light block filter)

*this product is classified as class I according to JIS C 6802(laser safety standards)

**PS latex particle: 120nm: 0.00001 ~ 10% / Taurocholic acid: ~ 40%

***when use glass cell with batch cell holder / when use 5 attached cell holders of disposable cells 15 ~ 40℃

AS50(auto sampler)

Particle size range3nm ~ 10μm
Concentration range0.001 ~ 40%
Temperature range15 ~ 40℃
Successive measurementup to 50 samples
Sample volume0.4nm ~ 0.6mL
Size and weight240(W) x 480(D) x 275(H)mm, approx. 12kg
(nanoSAQLA + AS50: 480(W) x 480(D) x 375(H)mm, approx. 30kg)
Measurement items
  • Particle size range(0.1nm ~ 10μm)

  • Applicable concentration range(0.00001 ~ 40%)

  • Temperature range(0 ~ 90℃)

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