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LINE-SCAN THICKNESS MONITOR(in-line type) measures the full surface of film thickness using hyperspectral imaging at the production line. Once the line scanning sensor passes through above the film collecting spectrum data, it provides thickness information of the film.

The combination of a spectral interferometer and newly developed high precision processing technology enables film thickness measurement of 500mm wide film every 0.01 seconds.

  • Line-scanning method enables film inspection of the full surface without any dropout

  • Reliability guaranteed FFT analysis result

  • High speed, high precision measurement

  • No effect on the determination from film fluttering during operation
  • By arranging line scanners in a row, the wide sample can be measured at one-time(up to 10m in TD direction)
  • Originally designed hardware and software

Measurement process and software image

[Operation video(ENG sub)]

Thickness measurement rage0.7 ~ 300μm
Measurement width500mm ~ max. 10m
Measurement interval10msec ~
Size and weight 81(W) x 140(D) x 343(H)mm, 4kg(Head only)
PowerAC100V±10% 125VA
Measured data

> PET film thickness

PET film has birefringence when enlonged, and the reflection spectrum is as shown in the figure. Our own processing method suppresses the effect of birefringence and enables highly accurate measurement.

Example: the graph of suppressed birefringence result

> 500mm width film thickness

Example: measurement process and data result

Software image

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