Color filter spectral inspection system

Color filter spectral inspection system

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In the flat panel display(FPD) manufacturing process, LCF measures the optical properties of the color filter and thin film on the glass substrate. It is possible to measure items such as thickness, width, and OD that require management in C/F process. Only the LCF enables simple and precise determination adopting recipe registration function, automatic focusing function, and automatic pixel alignment function.

  • Supports all tests in the color filter manufacturing processes from transmission spectrum measurement, color measurement, concentration measurement, film thickness measurement to reflection spectrum measurement
  • Can be used for various evaluations including optical-property analysis for color filters and thin-film analysis for films on glass substrates
  • The automatic focusing function and the automatic pixel alignment function enable highly precise measurement
  • Supports fully automated tests by recipe registration
Sample size*50mm x 50mm
Detectormulti-channel spectrophotometer, PMT option
Imaging processingCCD camera and monitor, auto focus, auto alignment
Sample stageX-Y-Z stage, automatically or manually motorized

*supports large sized glass substrate over 3,000mm x 3,000mm

Measurement items (*option)
  • Color filter evaluation
    - color measurement(transmission spectrum)
    - color difference, white balance
    - chromaticity(XYZ, xy, Lab, L*a*b*, u'v', u*v*)
    - *reflectance
    - *optical density(OD)
    - *pixel width
    - *auto focus, auto alignment

  • Thickness measurement
    - film thickness
    - film quality analysis(optical constant - n: refractive index, k: extinction coefficient)

R, G, B measurement of color filter

LCF software image

  • QD LED

  • Color filter(R, G, B)

  • ITO

  • PI

  • PR

  • OC

  • BM

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