Headlamp aiming photometric tester

(for sub-assembly line)

Headlamp aiming photometric tester

(for sub-assembly line)

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HLT performs a comprehensive evaluation at the final inspection process of automotive headlamp manufacturing lines. The sub-assembly version quickly checks the alignment of sensitive optics as well as sub-assemblies. Depending on the characteristics of the product and the field environment, the measurement conditions, sequence, and system can be customized. Based on our long-standing optical measurement technology, headlamps equipped with the latest smart control technology can also be inspected.

 Features  (*option)
  • Automotive headlamp sub-assembly inspection system designed for mass production environment
    - headlamp sub-assembly(LED/HID projector module)
    - alignment-sensitive optical component e.g. silicon lens or light guide units

  • Fast cycle time at both low and high beam inspection
    - normally 10 ~ 15sec. for headlamp sub-assembly

  • Supports user defined test sequence
  • Accesses control to parameters(test conditions, system parameters)
  • Supports photometric inspections corresponds to worldwide regulations e.g. ECE, SAE
  • Covers production line requirements
    - full-auto, semi-auto, manual operation mode
    - *interfaces to work feeding systems
    - *PLC or field-bus interface
    - *interfaces to the factory production management systems e.g. MES

  • Custom order available as the images below

       Product image: customized HLT600 mockup images

  • Global reference sites(automotive lamp manufacturing companies)
  • *Custom-made work handling jigs
  • *Motorized alignment or aiming tools
  • *CAN/LIN interfaces
  • *Bar-code integration and data tracing
Light Detect unit
Optical field of viewhorizontal: ± 10° / vertical: ± 5°
Light axis detection repeatability2σ < ± 0.1°
Luminous intensity range100 ~ 100,000cd
Luminous intensity accuracy± 10%

Measurement items (*option)
  • High speed beam aiming
  • Precision beam alignment
    - multi LED low beam
    (mis-alignment of multi LED low beam may cause photometric defects on LID profile e.g. multi cut-off line, blur, dart-spot)
    - multi LED high beam e.g. adaptive driving beam

  • Photometric test
    - luminous intensity of arbitrary point
    - max. intensity
    - sharpness of cut-off line(SAE G value of low beam)

  • LID(Light Intensity Distribution) profile
    - position and size of hot-zone
    - shape of cut-off line
    - LID profile of sub beams of LED multi beam

  • Electrical characteristics
    - LED control module(functional, diagnostic test)

  • *Functional tests for actuators
    - dynamic bending light(AFS)
    - automatic leveling device
    - bi-functional projector headlamp

  • *Chromatic aberration inspection of cut-off line
  • *Vision inspection with multi-axis robot mounted camera
    - missing components
    - connector coupling status
    - dent, crack, scratch
    - gap

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