Si wafer thickness monitoring system

Si wafer thickness monitoring system

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SF-3 series

SF-3 saves time and costs for quality inspection by performing thickness inspection in real-time during the processing of semiconductors or films. Non-destructive and non-contact measurement enables high precision multi-layer analysis without sample damage and results can be viewed at a glance using patent granted thickness measurement algorithms.

  • It is a non-contact, non-destructive thickness measurement method using optics

  • In the case of silicon, thickness measurements from 6 to 1300 μm are possible
    Wafer·resin measurable thickness range

  • Parameters can be set after spectrum analysis

  • It uses proprietary analytical engine technology and algorithms

  • The automatic mapping function is available to measure the thickness distribution

  • It measures the thickness of multi-layered and  each layer of temporary wafers

  • High-speed real-time monitoring - max. 60,000 points per 1 min - is possible during CMP, BG, and Final polishing(TTV, GBIR)

    Measurement images by measurement processes

Silicon meas. thickness range6 ~ 400μm10 ~ 775μm20 ~ 1,000μm
50 ~ 1,300μm
Resin meas. thickness range10 ~ 1,000μm20 ~ 1,500μm40 ~ 2,000μm
1,000 ~ 2,600μm
Minimum sampling period5kHz(200μsec.)
Repeatability*less than ± 0.01%
Measurement size**over about Φ20μm
Measurement distance50mm, 80mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm
Light sourcesemiconductor light source(laser class 3B product)
Analysis methodFFT analysis
InterfaceLAN, I/O input/output terminal
Power supplyDC 24V specification(AC power supply unit sold separately)
Size123(W) x 224(D) x 128(H)mm
Optional itemother lengths of probes, AC power, aluminum reference, measured light detection target, fiber cleaner

*the standard relative deviation of our standard sample AirGap(approx.1,000μm) at time of measurement(n=20)

**design value at time of WD 80mm probe specification

Measurement item
  • Film thickness analysis(max. 5 layers)

  • Thickness measurement for Si wafer material

  • Air gap size

  • Grinding evaluation for silicon / compound semiconductor

  • 1.3mm / next-generation 450mm wafer

  • 775㎛ 300mm wafer

  • TSV wafer(Si layer thickness measurement on via)

  • Other materials(SiO2, film)


SF-3 configuration image for measurement

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