Particle size distribution analyzer

Particle size distribution analyzer

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New auto temperature gradient function with extended range between 0 and 90℃ makes melting point and phase transition point analysis possible.

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 Features  (*newly added function)
  • *Higher sensitivity and shorter measurement time with new APD

  • *Melting point and phase transition point analysis enabled by auto temperature gradient function

  • *Wide temperature range between 0 and 90℃

  • *Wide range molecular weight analysis

  • Supports concentrated sample measurement


Measurement items

Molecular weight360 ~ 2,000x10^4
Particle size0.1 ~ 10,000nm

Measurement range

Temperature0 ~ 90℃

*particle size: 0.00001%(0.1ppm) ~ 40%

*Latex 112nm: 0.00001 ~ 10%, Taurocholic acid: ~ 40%


Suitable for basic and applied research of particle characterization in the field of surface chemical, inorganic, semiconductor, polymer, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical.

  • New functional material
    - Fuel cell(carbon nanotube, fullerene, function film, catalyst, nano-metal)
    - Bionanotechnology(nano capsule, dendrimer, DDS), nanobubble

  • Ceramic and paints
    - Ceramic(silica, alumina, TiO2)
    - Surface modifier, dispersion and cohesion of inorganic sol
    - Dispersion and cohesion of carbon black and organic pigment
    - Slurry state sample
    - Color filter
    - Flotation adsorption research

  • Semiconductor
    - Alien objects research on silicon wafer
    - Interaction research of abrasive/additive on wafer surface
    - CMP slurry

  • Polymer and chemical
    - Emulsion dispersion and cohesion
    - Surface modifier of latex
    - Function research of polyelectrolyte
    - Process control of paper production and pulp additive research

  • Pharmaceutical and food
    - Emulsion dispersion and cohesion
    - Dispersion/cohesion control of liposome and vesicle
    - Functionality of surfactant(Micelle)