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Dynamic light scattering spectroradiometer

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DLS-8000 series

DLS-8000 is a product of particle evaluation which measures even the extremely weak scattering of nanoparticles adopting liquid-immersion type.  With a dynamic light scattering(DLS) method, you can get particle size and particle size distribution. Besides, absolute molecular weight, a radius of gyration, and the second viral coefficient can be measured by static light scattering(SLS) method.

  • Measures particle size and particle-size distribution based on the dynamic light-scattering method, and absolute molecular weight, radius of gyration, and the second virial coefficient based on the static light-scattering method

  • He-Ne laser, Ar laser, double laser(He-Ne, Ar) models are available

  • Adopts a liquid-immersion optical system, supporting high precision measurement for extremely weak scattering of nano order particles

  • Supports multimode analysis of concentrated polymer solutions, using a correlator providing up to 4,096 channels

  • Supports gel-state analysis in combination with the optional gel rotation cell

 Specifications  (*option)
Light sourceHe-Ne laser(10mW)He-Ne laser + solid laser(10mW)(100mW)
Size and weight440(W) x 700(D) x 570(H)mm, approx. 50kg590(W) x 700(D) x 570(H)mm, approx. 60kg
Detectorphotomultiplier tube(photo counting method)
Cell21φ cylindrical cell, 12φ cylindrical cell, *5φ micro volume cell
Cell temperature

5 ~ 90℃(*thermostatic circulating system: circulation bath)

90 ~ 160℃(temp. control system: only available for high temp.)

Angle range5 ~ 160°(automatic / stepping motor drive)
Accuracy± 0.1°
Power supplyAC100V, 300VA

Measurement items

Particle sizing range1.4nm ~ 7,000nm(Ar), 3nm ~ 7,000nm(He-Ne)
Translation diffusion coefficient2×10^-6 ~ 2×10^-9cm²sec^-1
Molecular weight measurement range3×10^2 ~ 2×10^7
Radius of gyration20 ~ 1,000nm
Second virial coefficient-1 ~ 20×10^-4mol·cm^3·g^-2

Measurable samples

  • Synthetic polymer
    Dilute polymer solution, latex, emulsion, micelle, sol, concentrated polymer solution, polymer melting solution

  • Bio polymer
    Protein, nucleic acid, virus, polysaccharide, liposome, vesicle, cell

  • Inorganic material
    Inorganic dilute polymer solution, ceramics, pigment, magnetic substance, metallic colloid

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