Imaging luminance-colorimeter

Imaging luminance-colorimeter

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Providing high-resolution results quickly and accurately at the display production line is the most important role of a two-dimensional luminance meter. HS-1000H measures the optical characteristics flawlessly and promptly by combining the high-performance spectrophotometer and camera.

The HS-1000H is an optimal solution for measuring gamma correction, chromaticity, luminance, uniformity and other optical compensation parameters, from display panels for smartphones to wide TV screens.

  • High speed; suitable for a manufacturing process
    - Point: 1 ~ 30 times/sec

    - Area:  0.5 ~ 1 times/sec (with 20MP camera)

    (at 0.01 ~ 3000cd/m2, Standard light source A)

  • High-end spectrophotometer level of accuracy.

  • Sample measurement from smartphones to wide TV screens. (FOV, WD)

  • Compatible with various display types. (LCD, OLED, micro LED, mini LED)

  • Responds retroactively to national weighing standards. (KOLAS)

[Operation video]

 Core technologies 
New 2 in 1 hybrid system (high speed spectrophotometer + high resolution camera optimized for application)

Customizable responding to customer product characteristics and manufacturing lines

  • Ultra-low/high-brightness optimization

  • Active Area Detection (High performance ROI identification function)

  • Tact time optimization

  • Calibration available at a production line

HS-1000H measurement process

Sample measurement in various size: small and large display, μLED, mini LED

HS-1000H sample and measurement image


Spectrum, luminance and chromaticity measurement of various displays and optical materials

  • OLED display module

  • Micro LED, mini LED display module

  • Blue LED BLU module

  • Ceramic phosphor wafer

  • Phosphor coating film

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