Camera monitor system module tester

Camera monitoring system module tester

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CMS module tester is designed for testing system of the CMS module.

It can be used by companies who are developing or making CMS modules, or labs in automotive industry.

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What is CMS?

Driver's blind spot is a matter of driving safety and efficiency. Enlarging the field of vision decreases collisions which may occur costly vehicle damages and mostly injuries. CMS(Camera Monitor System) is the one what makes driver visibility limitless. It is indirect vision system used for automobile, using cameras and monitors instead of mirrors.

  • Tests CMS module according to relative regulation(UNECE R46) and technical standards(ISO16505)

  • Supports Class I ~ Class IV CMS module testing

  • Optimal for product development and quality control of CMS module and related parts manufacturing

  • Module system layout:

    Photometer: spectrophotometer, imaging photometer etc.
    - Solar light source: CMS monitor, CMS camera, test chart lighting
    - Motor drive stage: CMS monitor, CMS camera, photometer, test chart posture control
    - Test chart: 2X ~ 4X size charts
 Test items 
  • Directional uniformity - CMS monitor center luminance isotropic

  • Lateral uniformity - CMS monitor side luminance uniformity

  • Luminance and contrast rendering - CMS Monitor brightness contrast ratio, environmental conditions(daylight, sunset, night, etc.)

  • Grey scale rendering - gradient expression

  • Color rendering - color expression

  • Smear - camera smear characteristics

  • Blooming and lens flare - CMS camera blooming, lens flare characteristics

  • Point light sources - point light source detection capability(250m rear headlamp expression)

  • Sharpness - image sharpness

  • Depth of field - resolution according to image depth(4, 6, 10m distance)

  • Geometric distortion - camera space distortion

  • Flicker - CMS Monitor flicker characteristics

  • Frame rate - CMS video frame rate

  • Image formation time - CMS video response speed

  • System latency - CMS video display delay time

  • Functional test system for CMS module(CMS camera, CMS monitor, ECU)
  • Testing system for CMS module mounted in automobile(trucks, passenger car and etc.)
  • Final inspection system for CMS module production line