Luminous intensity measurement system

Luminous intensity measurement system

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AL-1000 measures the brightness of micro LED on chip and wafer using high sensitivity spectrometer.

It is possible to adjust the measurement area and to measure from ultra low brightness(from 1μcd).

#micro LED, luminous flux, lm 

  • Ideal for precise measurement of ultra-low light at 1μcd level by applying ultra-high sensitivity spectroradiometer

  • Traceable with KOLAS, JCSS and NIST

  • Works with SMU(Source Meter Unit)

Luminance(cd)± 4%(1μcd ~ 1mcd) / ± 2%(1mcd ~)
Dominant wavelength(wd)± 0.5nm
Measurement wavelength(wd)300 ~ 950nm / 360 ~ 1,100nm
Chromaticity(x,y)± 0.002
Measuring areamax. 100 x 100mm
Contact sizeover 3μm


Measured data (*option)

  • Luminance, color coordinates, color rendering, color temperature, spectrum analysis

  • Forward voltage(VF, V), forward current(IF, A)

  • *Goniometer(light distribution, total luminous flux)

  • Chip, wafer, module quality control

  • R&D